curb appeal

At least once per season, it is wise to step out to the street and take a look at the front of our homes, assessing what is working and tweaking what is not. While there are many ways to have a house that gets a second glance, here are five ways to ramp up curb appeal in a weekend:

  • Serve up some symmetry: The eye likes balance. Placing planters on either side of the front door, window boxes on either side of the porch, or balance the door with light fixtures on either side.
  • Hang new hardware: A gorgeous new kick plate, a beautiful new handle and lock, or a unique door knocker can be a simple addition that freshens up the look.
  • Crank up the color: A door that pops is one of the best ways to get a second look. While a classic bright red works, other options exist: spring green, sky blue, or even bold orange provide pop, or consider a deep ebony door with gorgeous metallic hardware for a stunning and elegant look.
  • Light up the night: Lighting options continue to increase including LED, motion sensor and solar alternatives. Lights at or by the front door are typical, but lighting up the landscaping adds a gorgeous glow!
  • Add accent art: Indoor art has always been the crowning touch of a room. A new trend of installing art on the patio, above the door, or on the front of the fa├žade has been growing in popularity. Choosing art that will be durable in the weather is key, but even more important is to find a piece that showcases your personality.

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