tips for choosing art

Choosing artwork for your home can be fun, but also frustrating. If making decisions surrounding the best pieces for your walls is not easy for you, these five essential tips will help the next time you are shopping.

  1. Consider the room. What feeling do you want to create in this space? The art should relate.
  2. Size and scale in relation to the space is essential. Go big to make a large statement or create a gallery wall of smaller pieces.
  3. If you are stuck, reach for design magazines and blogs for inspiration. What do you see that you like/dislike? Is a pattern emerging? This will help you narrow your focus.
  4. Is there a color scheme in mind? What will look best in the space?
  5. Most important, buy what you love. If you find something that matches your personality and decor style, you will find the right space for it.

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