Holiday DecoratingThe temperature is dropping, holiday decorations are starting to appear on the shelves, and the cheerful sounds of your favorite holiday tunes are now taking over the radio. The Holidays are nearly here. With extra guest stopping by more often and the never-ending battle to have the biggest and brightest decorations on the block, the holiday season brings a great deal of stress.

Take the pressure off the season with these simple tips to help get your homes ready for stress-free holiday entertaining.

Choose A Color Palette—And Then Stick To It
Pick two to three colors for your holiday décor, and then stick with them. Too many patterns and different colored lights can quickly become an eyesore. Keep it simple and clean.

Add Pops of Décor
Use accent pillows and small accessories to add little sprinkles of holiday cheer throughout your home. Instead of adding large expensive pieces that are overpowering, aim to add small pops of holiday decor, such as small vases filled with natural twigs and holly, mirrors, and even holiday artwork. These smaller pops of decor are less distracting and will allow your guest to concentrate on fully enjoying themselves.

Make Decorating A Family Affair
Though the urge to reenact scenes from The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation may be strong, try to avoid going overboard. Keep in mind, the holidays are a time of celebration and spending time with family. Turn on holiday music, light your favorite pine-scented candles and gather the family to help spread holiday cheer throughout the house.

Plan a Menu
If you’re playing hostess for a holiday gathering, be sure to discuss food plans with your guests before they arrive. Some of your guests may have food allergies. It’s best to ask ahead of time rather than waiting to discover that one of your guests can’t fully enjoy your delicious cooking.

Take Advantage of Holiday Savings
Nothing is worse (or more costly) than frantically searching for holiday decorations just h0urs before your guests are due to arrive. Start early. Take advantage of holiday savings early on in the season. Some stores offer exclusive discounts to members and subscribers. Sign up for monthly newsletter and keep your eyes open good deals.

~Happy Holidays from your friends at Model Home Clearance!