The mornings are cool, the afternoons almost summer-like, and to manage our wardrobe, we learn to wear layers that can be peeled off or shrugged back on as the seasons turn from summer to autumn.

When fashionable layering is done right, the outfit just seems to come together as a cohesive look – even if those same pieces can be used in multiple other combinations.

Layering in home décor is much the same. Layers add personality to a room. They add dimension to a space.decorating with accessories

Four factors to consider when layering décor:

  1. Color – mix it up. Start with one main color for the space, and then add one or more contrasting colors.
  2. Scale – vary it.  Objects of different heights on a bookshelf, mantle, or as a centerpiece on a table give the eye a point of interest in the room.
  3. Texture – gather an assortment. Layers of texture not only give the eye noticeable variations, but also provide tactile appeal.
  4. Shape – experiment with it. Silhouettes of diverse forms create additional areas of fascination in a space.

Learning how to layer décor will likely involve experimentation. Our recommended method: lay it all out, and then edit out pieces that do not feel right in the whole picture. Also, consider starting simply – play around with one of the four factors.