Fireplaces are the most welcoming part of any home. From decorating their mantels with framed family photos to holiday stockings filled with heart-warming gift, the fireplace is what simply says “home.” A fireplace should grab the attention in any room, except when it is an unsightly eyesore.

Cluttered mantels, unsightly brick structures, and inconsistency with the design of the fireplace and room it’s placed in can create an eyesore. Clear your mantels, transform the bricks on your fireplace, and create a design that will match the theme of the room it’s in (whether you’re going for traditional or modern). Your fireplace should match the theme and harmonious design in your home to maintain a welcoming atmosphere.

Give your fireplace a well-deserved makeover with these helpful tips:

  • If you have a more modern theme in mind for your fireplace, change the material from traditional brick to a warm metal. A bronze, copper or even a rose gold fireplace would maintain the warm atmosphere while also adding a modern look to any bedroom, dining room or living room it’s placed. Maybe even create a wooden mantel to contrast the metallic design and maintain a warmer atmosphere.
  • Hang art pieces or framed family photos on your mantel instead of letting them sit on the ledge creating clutter. Create your own mantel gallery or place on signature art piece for a beautiful focal point.
  • Expand small fireplaces into wide and eye-grabbing piece of spectacular design. This will create the illusion that the living room is much bigger than it appears, while also making a statement with your fireplace. Add a flat-screen TV or a beautiful centerpiece to the mantel.
  • Paint any dingy or unpleasant brick design with white paint to a brightly decorated space, or paint it with a pop of color to diminish the coolness in any space. To keep it traditional, add a wooden mantel, but to keep it contemporary, add a stainless steel frame.
  • Tiles aren’t just for the kitchen or bathroom. Add beautifully decorated tiles to any fireplace to create a focal point in any space, or just to simply dress up any plain or boring fireplace.

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