The days of summer are upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, and with the longer daylight hours come the soaring temperatures of the summertime sun. That heat is perfect for a day at the pool, lounging by the lake, soaking up the rays at the beach, but it’s not so pleasant when trying to relax at home.

Fortunately, there are some tools and tricks that help you keep your cool this summer.

Install a smart thermostat – The marketplace has numerous options for thermostats that not only regulate temperature, but also actually learn the living habits of the household and adapt accordingly to keep you cool enough in the summer time and warm enough in the winter. One seriously helpful feature is smartphone integration – allowing you to turn up or turn down the temperature remotely.

Choose cooler shades – According to the Pantone Institute Color Think Tank, “Colors can stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilize, increase appetite and create a feeling of warmth or coolness.” This phenomenon, known as chromodynamics, means that to cool off a room, at least psychologically, select blue hues, green shades, and soft white to bring about a chillier vibe.

Win the battle with window treatments – Natural light is amazing and we often go to great lengths to maximize it in design schemes. However, if the light blazes in the eastern windows in the morning or scorches from the west in the late afternoon, the romance quickly fades as it may be far too warm to enjoy the space. Fortunately, manufacturers are making some stunningly beautiful draperies and shades that block the light and accompanying heat. They might be well worth the investment!

Reconsider a ceiling fan – Ceiling fans have taken a hit in recent years as being hopelessly out of date, and due to the popularity of some home design television shows, have even been openly scoffed! Designers have upped their game and now offer truly spectacular ceiling fans. Set to turn counter-clockwise, a ceiling fan will push the cool air down. And as long as it looks beautiful doing so, why wouldn’t you have one?

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