One of the top three most popular resolutions each year is to “get organized” which, as you might imagine is just as challenging in some ways as the other two popular resolutions – to lose weight and to travel more.

Organization comes instinctively to a few people, but to many others, it is a formidable task. Being organized is simply finding a home for everything you own and returning it to that spot once it has been used.

Finding stylish solutions to provide a home for everything you own helps to make that process so much more fun, and therefore, much more likely that it will be a successful life change!

Explore some of these options:

  • Cool hooks – Choose something stylish that enhances your décor and has a purpose – to be the place where coats, keys, umbrellas, dog leashes, or hoodies belong.  
  • Baskets and boxes – Containing the clutter is half the battle. Select some fabulous wicker baskets, leather embossed boxes, canvas catch-alls, or clever cubbies. Make a plan for the types of items that will live in the containers, sort and classify, and voila!
  • Files and folders – Office supply stores have a plethora of patterns to choose from. Having a fun polka dotted file folder might just make the task of actually filing the paper a little more fabulous!
  • Storage – A home can really never have too much storage. Furniture manufacturers have taken note and offer ottomans with compartments, coffee tables with cubbies, even sofas with a nook for tucking away the remote.
  • Create Centers – Organize items based on purpose and use. Gather all the baking supplies into one cabinet, tuck away the craft items in one closet, or set up a desk with all the supplies needed for paying bills and running the household.
  • Find an app – Sometimes the clutter is not physical, but mental. Find a to do list app that works for you, clean out your contact list, get you bank accounts set up with paperless statements and online bill pay – all of these can reduce the amount of paper shuffling.

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