GlampingSummer is here! Warm weather, sunshine and fresh air is what we have craved throughout the winter, and as spring warmed us slowly, summer brings weather warm enough to comfortably sleep outdoors.

Some of us are completely up for camping with all the delights of the outdoors: sleeping bags on lumpy ground, more than one mosquito, and meals served on paper plates.

Others of us cringe at the thought of any of the above, but still would love to enjoy the experience of camping. Before you make a reservation at a luxury hotel, consider another option: glam camping, or glamping as it’s affectionately known!

Glam camping options are popping up all over the country. Complete with tents fashioned from stylish fabrics, soft beds with crisp clean linens, fresh flowers, and even rugs underfoot. Catered quality meals on real plates, ice cold drinks in real glassware, and time around a communal fire pit often complete the experience.

It’s camping with style! Who is ready for a s’more?