When winter ends, and spring begins, it is a time when we often catch the organizing bug. Organization comes naturally to a few people, but to many others, it is a daunting task. With a few easy tips, not only will you feel the satisfaction of a job well done, but also life will work more effortlessly moving forward. You will feel lighter, more organized and ready for the easy living of spring and summer.

Start with a good purge. Do not take on too much all at once. One closet or drawer at a time will be more manageable than pulling out everything from every closet in the house at once, which can be extremely overwhelming:

  1. Dig into the coat closet. If an item was not used this season, consider donating it to charity or finding a new home for it. Match up the mittens, fold the scarves, and relocate to an out of the way storage location if you have one available. If you find items in need of repair, set them aside to be mended, and if sewing is not your forte, now is the perfect time to find a seamstress or tailor to add to your contact list.
  2. Pilfer through the pantry. Go through each shelf, checking best buy dates. Keep a list nearby to add pantry staples for your spring and summer go-to recipes.
  3. Paper piles be gone! Magazines, newspapers, and junk mail can be recycled. When the taxes are filed is the perfect time to file all related papers. Donate books no longer needed.
  4. Do the hokey pokey with the winter and summer clothes. As you swap out one season for the next, again look for items that were not worn this season as potential donations. Add anything needing repair to the pile to mend or take to the fabric repair specialist. Make sure that all spring and summer items are in good repair as they go into the closet.
  5. When the organization is done, have some fun and make life pretty! Add a fun new umbrella to the coat closet, buy a spice you have wanted to try, treat yourself to fun file folders, or shop for a sassy new outfit!