Photo WallsWe all enjoy reflecting on our life’s greatest moments from time to time.  Our favorite memories from our wedding day, our first family home, watching as our children walk across the stage to receive their diploma. We typically capture those moments, place them in a photo album and then neatly tuck them away.

Lately, however, personalized home photo walls have been forcing us to transform the way we store our most precious memories. After all, why lock your favorite memories away in a box when you can proudly display them on your walls for all your friends, family and guests to enjoy?

If planned correctly, photo walls can add a memorable touch to any room in your home. Here are some simple tips to help you create a timeless photo wall that will truly stand the test of time.

Select your Photos

Knowing where to begin when creating a photo wall is often the most intimidating part of the process. Which photos should you select? Should you pick a theme? Before getting too overwhelmed, start by flipping through your photos and simply selecting the photos YOU most enjoy. After all, you are the one who will be forced to stare at the walls day after day.

Selects your frames

Do you want rustic frames? Quirky frames that add a splash of color to your room? Do you want your photo wall to blend with the theme of your room, or stand out? Experiment with various shapes and sizes. When it comes to frame selection, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Map It Out

The secret to any well designed room is typically in the planning phase. Your photo wall is no exception. Make a plan before executing. Draw a layout. Rearrange and adjust to find a layout that best suits your wall.

Do you have a photo wall in your home? What do you suggest for a person putting together their first photo wall? Feel free to comment below!

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