Outdoor LightingWith the beautiful evenings of summer here, we are drawn to be outdoors even into the night. Our decks and patios are extensions of our homes and more and more are becoming more like outdoor rooms than parts of the backyard. As such, adding amenities makes those spaces more usable, more functional, more fun!

One major improvement to our outdoor spaces is lighting.

Consider LED lighting that is both highly efficient and has an incredibly long life span, which makes it a perfect fit for places where lighting will be on for extended periods of time.

  • Outdoor lighting fashion is growing in size – the size of the fixtures, that is! Oversized fixtures add drama and curb appeal in a big way!
  • Portability is another consideration, so lanterns are a great choice for lighting that moves. Stylish options for lanterns take us way beyond the camp lanterns of days gone by.
  • Of course, always stylish is the craftsman look. Rubbed metal and textured glass highlight the traditional look of a craftsman piece, with or without a modern twist.
  • Kick up the tech a notch by adding lighting controllable via smartphone apps – gives you the option to dim the lights as the evening wears on or even change the color to suit your mood!

Other improvements to add function and fun:

  • Bluetooth speakers bring the music to the party!
  • Propane tank monitors assure that you will never run out of propane at party time.
  • Bluetooth thermometers allow the grill master to stay with the party and keep an eye on the progress of the meal.
  • Download a bartending app that provides you with recipes for crafting a multitude of drink options for guests.

With these no fuss lighting solutions, your home will be the talk of the block all summer long!

Until next time,