This is the best barstool sale we have ever offered in the warehouse! All bar and counter height stools set up by the front of the warehouse entrance are priced at $50 a piece. We have a large selection, and we are adding new styles to the sale daily.

Not only do we have a large quantity, but have a wide selection. You can find wrought iron, wood, painted, ombre, cane, metal, upholstered, and more. The selections vary daily as items are sold, but we have such a wide selection—it’s hard not to find something to fall in love with!

Do you know the difference between bar and counter-height stools? 

Counter height stools are meant to be placed at kitchen counters or tables, which is typically 24-29 inches from the floor.

Bar height stools are 30-36 inches from the ground and are perfect for higher counters or bars.

Measure ahead of coming in so you know the height range that will work for you!

Please come in to see the large bar stool selection on sale as well as the other sales we currently have running throughout the showroom and warehouse.