Nate Berkus: Seven Ways to Style


The ultimate goal for many when it comes to home design (or even personal style) is to craft one’s own signature look, unique to oneself, incorporating elements from a wide variety of sources, and have the finished result come together to represent the person and the family outwardly in the outfit or the home.

And no one knows style quite like Nate Berkus.

A recent keynote speaker at the Nashville Antiques and Garden Show, Nate shared his seven key secrets to style, and they certainly are chock full of design wisdom.

Secret 1 – Style is cultivated.

Style is not something most people are born with, but the good news is that it can be developed over time. Rare is the person who naturally has iconic style. Berkus’ suggestion for developing a sense of style: observation of the little things.

Secret 2 – Style is a decision.

To develop style, it starts with the decision to actually decide which things you love and stick with them. Style is truly about personal choice in many ways; therefore, there is not one right choice.

Secret 3 – Style is collected.

Developing style takes time. It is not typically something one can walk into a store display and take home every single piece to recreate in your own space. It is about picking up a piece here and adding a piece there, gathering the pieces along the way as they tell your story.

Secret 4 – Style tells a story.

In Nate’s own words: “When I look around a space, I can tell you where I was and who I was with when I found that piece of furniture or vase. I can tell you who I loved or who I hoped to be at the time. I see things in my home, and they remind me of where I want to go and people that I’ve lost. That’s how we tell a story in our home.”

Secret 5 – Style breaks the rules.

Nate chooses to see style rules more like guidelines. He follows general principles, but insists that good designers know how to go against the grain, to choose something that defies conventional rulebooks.

Secret 6 – Style is cultivated.

As we collect things along the way, it is equally important to edit and pare down, keeping only the things that still bring us joy.

Secret 7 – Style has no borders.

While global inspiration is amazing, there is no need for a passport and a globe trotting lifestyle to collect the items to make a beautiful home. In the modern age, we have the internet, bringing objects inspired from halfway across the world to our fingertips.





















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