High Point Market Spring 2017 Predictions



April is upon us which means two things: the abundance of April showers that bring May flowers and the Spring edition of High Point Market, which brings style and inspiration.

More than 2000 exhibitors will fill 11.5 million square feet of event space across 180 buildings in downtown High Point, North Carolina hoping to catch the eye of the more than 75,000 attendees from more than 100 countries.

The anticipation builds, and along with that energy come guesses and predictions about what wonders the market will bring.

Each year High Point Market chooses a handful of designers to share their insights and inspirations, to examine the trends and the changes. They call these designers the Style Spotters, and that’s just what they do – they spot what’s hot at market and break it down for the rest of us.

This year’s lineup:

  • Michelle Jennings Wiebe, Studio M, Inc.
  • Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye Nicholas, CLOTH & KIND
  • Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom, Ishka Designs
  • Lance Jackson and David Ecton, Parker Kennedy Living

A summary of their thoughts for Spring 2017:

Soft neutrals – A common trend of late has been a pushback against the harsh and bold world, and a tendency toward creating soft, soothing, peaceful places to live. This trend keeps that idea going strong with warm-toned neutrals in combinations that feel new – with layers of texture that add to the interest. Truly a classic more than just a hot trend, the neutrals at market take the traditional and ease it into contemporary chic.

Nature’s influence – For the last several years, the use of natural materials has been on the upswing and this year’s offerings show no sign of slowing. This trend is all about excellent craftsmanship, quality materials, and keeping it simple.

Naturally sophisticated – Along those same lines, another major trend is one that makes the most of an object’s natural and organic shape to create an artful piece – graceful or quirky, but always distinctive.

Getting at the essence – This trend speaks to the use of negative space with a focus on the soul and spirit of a piece, lean lines and elegant silhouettes, minimalism in form.




















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