Go Green



Imagine walking into a forest. As you step into the cool shade, you take a look around and notice the array of the many shades of green — the spring green with a hint of yellow, the deep rich greens with a tinge of blue, dark greens, leaf greens, mossy greens, and sage.

Each and every shade seems to be just perfect for its own spot, and the variations all work together in harmony.

Pantone selected a cheerful spring green for this year’s Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery. It is a bright and fresh. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, explains:

“We love that feeling of newness, of realigning yourself, and revitalizing yourself.”

This year’s pick is all about fresh beginnings. It is reminiscent of the first touches of green in spring, with the brightness of yellow at its core. But Greenery is not the only green having a heyday at the moment. Dark green is enjoying a bit of an upswing as well. Deep greens, both with yellow undertones and blue, are growing in popularity. The richness of the shade works to ground a space much like black or navy but with a more organic vibe.

Green has earned a place as a neutral for the modern age. After all, Mother Nature uses green as her backdrop. In a world where natural and organic materials and colors call to us to balance the harshness of modern life, to be a place of respite, green is the perfect neutral.

As Eiseman describes it, “You can use green as a neutral color, just as Mother Nature does. With any flower that pops out of the earth, you never say, ‘Oh that can’t go against green.”

Green plays well with so many other hues. It’s stunning against black, gives life to white, works perfectly with earth tones, and holds its own with blues.

So, go green – bright and fresh, dark and moody – or somewhere in between… you can’t go wrong.




















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