First Impressions: The View from the Curb

We spend countless hours creating an inviting and welcoming home on the inside, but the first look most visitors have of our homes is the view from the street, so giving more than lip service to curb appeal can go a long way in extending the welcome from the inside out.

Front Door Fabulous

  • The front door is the cornerstone of curb appeal. A well-maintained and attractive entry is key. A brand new door might be an option for some, and there are stunning options in the marketplace, but sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all that is needed. Bold color adds a serious wow factor – and is no longer limited to scarlet red. Lime green, juicy orange, or even eggplant are eye-catching choices!

  • No need to stop at a fresh coat of paint. Replace old hardware with new handles, doorknockers, or a classic kick plate.

Liven up the Lights

  • Lighting can be both a safety and security feature or just for ambiance, but the good news is that home improvement stores are full of options that do both!

  • Make sure that light fixtures, if not being replaced, are clean and functional, and consider upgrading to LED bulbs.

  • Motion sensors, solar options, smartphone control, and dusk-to-dawn sensors are also options when choosing exterior lighting.

  • Planning for lighting throughout the landscaping also enhances the nighttime charm.

Personality Plus

  • The interior of our homes almost always has a sense of the family that lives there. Consider doing the same for the exterior – add some artwork to the porch, choose cushions for the porch that are extensions of the style inside, and maybe even toss in a bit of whimsy.

  • Get creative with color. The front door color definitely brings the wow, but the color of the landscaping plants also grabs attention. Plan landscaping that has variety – an abundance of greens, pops of color, and even some negative space.

One last note: décor and design can only go so far. Regular maintenance of the sidewalk, porch rails, driveway, and gardens is key to keeping the style ship-shape!




















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