Design Stories – TISE 2017

Last month, we shared with you the color narratives defined by Mark Woodman of Design+Color in the Lookbook for The International Surface Event held in Las Vegas in January 2017.

This month, we share another set of stories – the ones behind the design and product development.

Another feature article in The International Surface Event 2017 Product & Trends Lookbook for 2017 was the idea of Design and Product Trend Narratives – the story, meaning, and inspiration behind the design trends for the coming year.

Stephanie Coffaro of FARO Creative and Pompei C3 shared with readers five stories that encapsulate and define trends in the industry.

In Coffaro’s words:

“For much of the modern era, the design has been about moving forward, pushing the envelope, progress for progress’s sake and exploring the unknown.”

This push forward, modern edge, fashion-forward straining to see around the next corner in trends has actually created a bit of a pushback, a little bit of a pendulum swing toward peaceful spaces, ancient themes, the natural world, and a little bit of serenity.

The five themes identified by Coffaro :

  • Daydream – This story draws us into a watercolor infused world, rich with pastels, offering fluidity of color, and just a bit of whimsy.

  • Desert Explorer – Essentially an updated and sophisticated Bohemian feel, influenced by the cultures of Morocco, Africa, India, and Native America, this theme develops as a global story rich with texture, highlighting artisan crafts, and refined soft color.

  • Faded – Black and white are truly classics, but can be stark and a bit harsh. Taking that color palette into a smoky, translucent look preserves the timeless feel but softens it enough to be soothing.

  • Naturalist – A true push back against too much technology, this story is about reconnecting with the earth, reveling in the richness of the colors of nature and using natural materials to create an authentically organic look.

  • Raw and refined – A marriage of vintage and modern, this story is about the sophistication of quality pieces that will last and celebrating the work of artisans and the importance of heritage in the belongings we treasure. Refinished pieces, distressed wood, concrete, and matte metals combine to create a hybrid of new and old that will stand the test of time.

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